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About Dr. Steven Lazarovitz
Dr. Lazarovitz provides psychological services to individuals and couples experiencing a range of problem areas. He also provides sport psychology consultations to athletes, coaches, and teams wishing to optimize performance.

Dr. Lazarovitz earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Concordia University, and two Masters degrees in (1) Educational Psychology (McGill University) and (2) Counselling (The University of Western Ontario). His Doctoral degree (Ph.D.) in Counselling Psychology was completed at The University of Calgary.

Dr. Lazarovitz has been involved in the training and supervision of graduate students in counselling psychology in Ottawa and Calgary. He is a registered psychologist and member in good standing with The College of Psychologists of Ontario. In support of the profession, he also maintains memberships in national, provincial, and local psychological associations. To ensure his continued competence as a psychologist, he attends conferences and workshops, and keeps abreast of current developments in the profession.

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