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Helpful Ottawa Community Resources
The Ottawa Distress Centre (613) 238-3311 - operates 24-hours a day.
Area Hospitals
Website/E-Mail Resource
Gatineau Hospital
909 Blvd. de La Verendrye O.
Hull Hospital
116 Blvd. Lionel Emond
The Ottawa Hospital - Civic Campus
1053 Carling Ave.
The Ottawa Hospital - General Campus
501 Smythe Rd.
The Queensway-Carleton Hospital
3045 Baseline Rd.
Counselling Resources in Ottawa for Individuals, Couples and Families
Website/E-Mail Resource
    Catholic Family Service Ottawa
219 Argyle Aye, 3rd Floor, Ottawa, K2P 2H4
(613) 233-8478
Catholic Family Service Ottawa offers a range of social services to all residents of Ottawa.

Counselling Programme:
Offers individual, couple, family and group counselling; mediation for separating and divorcing couples; counselling services for newcomers, victims of torture, sexual abuse survivors, adults from dysfunctional families; therapeutic, educational and problem solving groups; workshops and presentations; individual and systems level advocacy.

Family Violence Programme:
Includes a programme for Francophone women victims of partner abuse; an early intervention program for Francophone children witnesses of partner abuse; an intensive programme for Francophone women who have experienced sexual abuse or incest as adults or as children; a Transitional Support Programme for women and children leaving an abusive relationship (English and French); and the New Directions Programme, an educational programme for persons who have been abusive to their partners, with a partner outreach component (English and French).

Services are offered at the main agency and at six community resource centres: Vanier, Lowertown, Sandy Hill, Gloucester, Cumberland and Overbrook-Forbes.

    Centre for Counselling and Pastoral Services, Saint Paul University
Faculty of Human Sciences, 223 Main St, Ottawa, K1S 1C4
(613) 782-3022
The Centre for Counselling and Pastoral Services welcomes individuals and couples who are trying to cope with human and/or spiritual difficulties. Individual and marital/couple counselling are provided as well as consultation.
Centre for Psychological Services, University of Ottawa
Vanier Hall, 11 Marie Curie, 6th Floor, Ottawa, K1N 6N5
(613) 562-5289
This centre is affiliated with the School of Psychology, University of Ottawa. Offers individual psychological assessment and counselling in such areas as career choice, social adjustment, child-family and marital relationships, behavioural changes, psychotherapy, counselling for couples and families. Fee for service.
    Centrepointe House: A centre for attitudinal studies
380 Centrepointe Dr., Ottawa, K2G 6A1
(613) 224-8688
An Attitudinal Healing based learning centre with a focus on the renewal of the mind, the body, the spirit and the Earth while promoting self-responsibility for one’s own inner peace and well-being.
Christian Counselling Ottawa
457 Edison Ave, Ottawa, K2A 1V1
(613) 729-8454
In a context that incorporates the spiritual faith and values of the people it serves, OCCSA offers professional counselling, consultation and group services to individuals, couples and families, and to clergy and pastoral care professionals of the Ottawa and of the Outaouais areas. Group services include workshops, training, and therapy groups as resources permit and need demands. Offices are located in Westboro, Kanato, Gloucester and Williamsburg.
Community Information Centre of Ottawa
260 St. Patrick Street Suite 301
(613) 241-4636 (INFO-Line)
Community Resources
From the University of Ottawa's Health Services web-site.
    Family Services a la Famille Ottawa
312 Parkdale Ave, Ottawa, K1Y 4X5
(613) 725-3601
Counselling is provided by professional social workers to families and individuals having difficulties with couple, parent-child, family or individual relationships; woman abuse counselling; female and male adult incest survivors counselling; mediation counselling to separating and divorcing couples; employee assistance counselling and counselling and group services for persons living with a psychiatric disability and their families. Also offers a peer counselling programme for seniors; family-life education services; advocacy and planning coordination and development of community services; child-parent supervised access and exchanges; group services for children who witness violence; group services for mothers of children who witness violence and groups accessible to diverse cultures.
House of Hope and Healing
14 Bayswater Ave,                Ottawa, K1Y 2E4
(613) 722-HUGS (4847)
Guided by the wisdom and spirituality of the l2-step programmes, the House of Hope and Healing, in an atmosphere of love and caring, seeks to bring to all clients hope and healing in all areas of life. Counselling for individuals, couples and families.
Jewish Family Services of Ottawa-Carleton
2255 Carling Aye, Suite 301, Ottawa, K2B 7Z5
(613) 722-2225
Offers solution-focused individual, family and couple counselling services on a fee-for service basistfo all denominations for all life challenges and transitions, Includes advocacy, the teaching of life skills such as parenting, coping with depression, anger management, assertiveness, stress-reduction and self-esteem, as well as grieving, sexual abuse, separation and divorce, mediation. Counsellors will assist clients in accessing community resources. Counselling available for children and adolescents.

Anger Management:
For men and women, offers Transformations, an anger management psychoeducational group programme that teaches the participants healthy ways to recognize their feelings, more effective communication and to develop other means of influencing outcomes, rather than using aggression.

Group Workshops:
I'll be the Parent, You be the Teen - a unique series of sessions for families struggling with teenagers. One parent and the teen are involved in separate groups, which learn how to communicate more effectively in order to reduce conflict.

    Ottawa Pastoral Counselling Centre, Anglican Diocese of Ottawa
211 Bronson Ave, Rm 209, Ottawa, K1R 6H5
(613) 235-2516
A community counselling service seeking to support the personal growth of clients both as individuals and as members of the community. Professional services are provided within a Christian context for individuals, couples and families facing a range of problems including stress, depression, anxiety, personal relationships, marriage, parent-child, addictions and abuse issues. Call for information regarding fees and insurance coverage.
Pink Triangle Services
P.O.Box 3043, Station D, Ottawa, K1P 6H6
(613) 563-4818
This service provides counselling, educational and advocacy services to gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered persons and those associated with them. Services include telephone support through the Gayline, information and referral, outreach, discussion and support groups, a speakers bureau, and a lending library.
    Serenity Renewal for Families
2810 Baycrest Dr, Ottawa, K1V 7P7
(613) 523-5143
This organization offers programmes for individuals, couples and families affected directly or indirectly by substance abuse, problem gambling and/or other forms of dysfunctional behaviour. Interviews, referrals, counselling and workshops available for ages five to senior. Residential and non-residential, evening, weekend, day, four-day programmes available.
Website/E-Mail Resource
Directory of Self-Help Groups
Local & National listings.
Self-Help Organizations
(613) 829-9777
For a list of self-help organizations, consult the "Directory of Self-Help Groups in Ottawa-Carleton" published by the Olde Forge Community Resource Centre, (613) 829-9777,
Self-Help Resources

Some of the above information was taken from the 2005 Directory of Ottawa Community Services, Community Information Centre of Ottawa (613) 241-INFO (4636).

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