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Useful Books, Resources & Web Links
The following is a list of some of my favourites:
Career / Vocational / Educational
Title Website
Career Exploration Resources
Look at your skills and interests, look at the world of work, make a plan, and manage your career.
General Career Planning Tools
Career planning is an interactive process that involves learning about yourself and the type of work that would be a good fit for you.
Human Resources and Social Development Canada
Offers links to: labour market information, career planning resources, job futures, training and learning.
Job Profiles / Occupational Information
Check out over 500 occupations and get all the details, from duties, working conditions, salaries, and advancement opportunities to personal characteristics and educational qualifications.
Mind tools
You can learn more than 100 essential life, career training and management training skills (e.g., leadership, personal effectiveness, goal setting, and stress management). Discover techniques that improve creativity, assist problem solving, organize time and deadlines, and improve your memory.
School Finder
Find information on more than 1,700 universities, colleges and career colleges in Canada, including admission requirements, costs, programs and contact details. View interactive virtual campus e-Tours™. Search by keyword for programs, schools, careers and scholarships.
Couples / Family / Relationship
Title Website
Better Couples Communication: Six Tips to Have Better Fights
Communication Tips for Parents
Links for Family, Parenting, Divorce and Marital issues and other sites of interest from Gary Direnfeld
Making Stepfamilies Work
Relationship Enhancement Strategies
Solutions to Your Top Two Communication Problems
The Marital Longevity Quiz
The Seven Guidelines for Great Relationships and Better Communication
Twenty Questions to Ask Before You Get Married
General Mental Health Issues
Title Website
Help Guide
Expert, non commercial information on mental health and lifelong wellness.
Mental Health and Psychology Resources Online
The oldest annotated directory of online psychology and mental health resources.
Mental Illness Awareness - Resources
National networks for support and recovery.
National Institute of Mental Health
This web site provides comprehensive information about the signs and symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment for a variety of mental health topics. This site also has a wealth of articles and information on treatment modalities, including guides and booklets on a variety of mental health disorders, which are available to download free of charge
PsychDirect is a mental health public education website created by the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. The information presented is comprehensive and evidence based, covering a wide range of mental health topics. Information is produced for both the general public and mental health professional audiences, with additional resources provided for further reading. Internet resources are also listed.
Self-help Resources (Books and Websites)
The Beck Institute's list of recommended books
The Canadian Mental Health Association
An excellent resource that provides information on the mental health system, treatment options and fact sheets and pamphlets on mental illness.
Various Useful Web Links from Dr. Anne Parent
Sports Psychology
Title Website
A list of links to other sport psychology Web pages
Athletic Insight - The Online Journal of Sport Psychology
Karlene Sugarman
Mind Tools for Sports Psychology
Sport Psychology Organizations, Journals, andCourses
Sport Psychology OverSite
The Zone of Excellence - Terry Orlick

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